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Korhonen stacking chairs.

Emilia Clarke- InStyle UK - April 2014

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The Day Dream by Charles Dana Gibson (1909)

A Ghost Heart, ready to be injected with a transplant recipient’s stem cells so a new heart — one that won’t be rejected — can be grown.
"Take a pig heart, soak it in an ingredient commonly found in shampoo and wash away the cells until you’re left with a protein scaffold that is to a heart what two-by-four framing is to a house.
Then inject that ghost heart, as it’s called, with hundreds of millions of blood or bone-marrow stem cells from a person who needs a heart transplant, place it in a bioreactor - a box with artificial lungs and tubes that pump oxygen and blood into it - and wait as the ghost heart begins to mature into a new, beating human heart.
Doris Taylor, director of regenerative medicine research at the Texas Heart Institute at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital in Houston, has been working on this — first using rat hearts, then pig hearts and human hearts — for years. …
'The nice thing about this technology,' Taylor says, 'is that it will work with any organ or tissue. So it's not just about hearts.'”
Ghost heart [spectacularuniverse]
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